#6 – What Does God Say About Your Choices?

Hello and welcome to our podcast! Thanks for taking the time to listen – we would love to hear your feedback (including better jokes and topic suggestions).

There are some response questions underneath the podcast. We would encourage you to do those, whether you write them down or just think about them.

The podcast will appear on Soundcloud first, episodes may be slightly delayed in getting onto Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

1. What is an area of your life that you could be making better choices, that honor God, in?

2. Pray, thanking God for the example of Jesus, and ask Him to help you use the freedom you have to honor and worship Him, helping others see how amazing He is too.

3. Read Deuteronomy 6:5 – what does this tell you about your choices?

4. Talk with a family member or friend and ask them to hold you accountable with the answer from question number 1.

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